Meet Lani

Lani Donaldson is a trusted resource and a uniquely qualified educational consultant; known to parents as “the guru of literacy” and the “wizard of educational solutions”.  If you have ever wondered how to assist your child with learning, Lani can help.

With over two and a half decades of experience as an educator, speaker and facilitator, Lani can help you sort out the educational barriers and roadblocks that often derail students and keep them from attaining their very best. From learning to read and developing strong learning strategies to developing critical thinking and writing skills, Lani has the answers.

Lani has been interviewed by Canadian TV stations, CTV and Global, as well as numerous newspapers, trade journals and radio stations. Her workshops, lectures and inspirational keynotes are always well received. Lani’s speaking style is engaging and entertaining and audiences leave with great memories and a ton of valuable information.

Lani’s mission is to make a positive, significant difference in the educational lives of individuals so they may impact tomorrow in a positive way.

Lani’s personal motto:  Life is a contact sport – Get a helmet and REALLY strong educational skill sets!

Literacy Opens a World of Opportunities

  • Is your child struggling in school?
  • Is reading frustrating?
  • Does your child tell you they think they're stupid?
  • Is it time to find answers?