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Who is Lani Donaldson?

Like you, education and literacy expert, Lani Donaldson has seen the word education defined numerous ways over the years. Is it the transfer of knowledge, the mastering of academics, the exploration of history?  Is it the development of charisma and positive thinking? Is it all about learning structure? Or, is there a different story?

With over three decades as an educator, administrator, speaker, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches classroom experience, her view of education can be radically different from standard definitions.  Lani appreciates, and shares with others, that education so much more than current definitions allow.  Education should ignite all learner’s curiosity and encourage learning as a lifelong process.   

Lani, sometimes referred to as a master educator for her undying passion for bringing out the best in people, is known for her practical, humourus, street-savvy style.   As a speaker Lani’s fusion of real-life stories, practical and philosophical vision and quick witted conversational techniques connect with her audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Lani is the President and CEO of the Engaged Educators Corp and is the creator of the N.A.S. Project. Lani continues to work with the best and brightest in the both the business and educational development fields.

Innovative Educator

Changing the Way You Learn

You can’t reform something fundamentally flawed. You need to change the way you do things. This starts by giving yourself the permission to try new ways of learning without the fear of failure.

The Future of Learning

We have 21st Century kids being taught in a 20th Century school under a 19th Century model. Everything begins with the foundations we teach and those foundations carry on into us as adults. Every behaviour we exhibit and ever approach we take can somehow be linked back to how we were taught. What we know now as adults is that everyone learns differently, and so we must adapt modern, proven techniques on a one-to-one basis – something that conventional systems have been unable to do.

The Art of Conversation

The most important thing we need to remember is that learning in today’s world requires us to understand things that machines cannot. The professional world no longer wants rigidity; it asks for flexibility. The problem we face is that the system that taught us only provided this form of learning – and broke the innately human behaviours associated with what has allowed us to survive for so long as a species. By choosing to learn differently, we can bring those behaviours back and thrive once again.

Importance to Success

You can’t expect to continue learning in the way you were taught when you were young. Even our youth are placed at a disadvantage when learning with traditional tools and methods. Much like our species, we have to evolve and adapt new and innovative system of learning. This leads us all to greater success in both our personal and professional lives. It is what separates those who succeed and thrive, and those who don’t. Are you ready to begin changing the way you learn?


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All About Perspective

Our system of learning isn’t terrible, it’s just outdated. We’ve often thought that one formula could fit all. This is how we learned when we were young, and this is how we learn now: with rigid, outlived, overestimated methods . The podcast discusses topics not often touch and often overlooked – from different, and sometimes controversial perspectives. Dive deep into the conversations that matter for both you, and future generations.

Breaking Assumptions

It used to be a staple that “those who have the information, have the power”. Now it appears to be more along the lines of “those who control the speed of their information, have the power”. One change in the way we generate, process, and acquire information has given us infinite knowledge, and still no way to better process it. Changing The Perspective touches on topic by tackling three things that drive culture: curiosity, creativity, and diversity.

Start Learning Differently

Just press play and start learning. The topics are familiar, but discussed from a sometimes avoided perspective. The things you know are important, but are maybe too scared to discuss. Lani has seen it all in her decades of educating both young and old. There is no topic that is too sacred when it comes to learning and our future. Join us on the podcast and let yourself feel comfortable in facing the world’s challenges head-on.

Professional Speaking

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